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Archcraft Prime

Archcraft Prime : An Ultimate Exclusive Experience



Archcraft Prime offers every (Not the one released after Prime) exclusive stuff of Archcraft in One Single ISO. It has Openbox Premium, Bspwm Premium and i3wm Premium as well as all the exclusive wayland compositors (Sway, Wayfire, River, Hyprland and Newm) pre-installed.

The flavor of Archcraft is a result of many people's requests and polls (discord, telegram) I did on communities. Based on the majority of voting in favor of the creation of this flavor, I present you the Archcraft Prime.

It's basically a Bundle that has everything Archcraft has to offer exclusively. The idea behind this is to provide everything for less and If users want everything, they don't need to get them separately, and have to install everything individually, Instead they can get the complete bundle and all they need to do is, Install the ISO (with the choice of their favorite WM or WC)


You can download the latest ISO from ko-fi ☕

Default username and password is liveuser


To Create A Bootable USB, See Create A Bootable USB
For Graphical Installation Instructions, See Install Archcraft With Calamares
For CLI Installation Instructions, See Install Archcraft With ABIF


If you're an existing Prime user, you don't need to reinstall the ISO to update the system. Follow the steps below to update your Prime :

  • On regular basis, Just run the following command to update your system -
$ sudo pacman -Syyu
  • When there's a new ISO for Prime get released, an Update Package is also released with ISO for existing Prime users. Use this update package to update Prime specific things.
    • Download the update package existing-prime-update-MONTH-YEAR.tar.gz from ko-fi.
    • Extract it with : tar -xzvf existing-prime-update-MONTH-YEAR.tar.gz
    • Go to extracted directory : cd existing-prime-update-MONTH-YEAR
    • Open a terminal in same directory and run the update script : ./
    • That's it.


Changelog (January 2024) : 5th ISO

Date : January 9th, 2024

  • Updated ISO profile
  • Latest base with new packages
  • Update all Archcraft and AUR packages
  • Updated all window managers
    • Openbox: Fixed some pipemenus and updated configs and themes
    • Bspwm: updated configs and themes (tray module for polybar)
    • i3wm: updated configs and themes (tray module for polybar)
  • Updated all wayland compositors
    • Sway: fixed bugs and updated configs
    • Wayfire: migrated to v0.8.0 and updated configs accordingly
    • River: fixed bugs and updated configs
    • Hyprland: using my own hyprland build for stability and updated configs to v0.34.0
    • Newm: fixed issue with waybar gets hidden behind windows and updated configs
  • Migrated alacritty to its new config (yml to toml)
  • Updated all scripts related to alacritty
  • Small improvements and bugs fixed.
Changelog (October 2023) : 4th ISO

Date : October 14th, 2023

  • Updated ISO profile
  • Latest base with new packages
  • Added archcraft-randr app to manager display and monitors (Only X11)
  • Updated all window managers
    • Clean PKGBUILDs (with only needed deps) and updated code
    • Directory openbox-themes now merged into openbox, new config structure for openbox
    • Added example layouts for multi-monitors in bspwmrc (single, two-monitors, three-monitors layouts)
    • Added multi-monitor support in all available WMs (use archcraft-randr)
  • Updated all wayland compositors
    • Added better example for multi-monitor support in...
      • Sway: ~/.config/sway/sway-output
      • Wayfire: ~/.config/wayfire.ini
      • River: ~/.config/river/init
      • Hyprland: ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf
      • Newm: ~/.config/newm/
  • Added wipe ability in ABIF
  • Fixed issue with help and tips app
  • Removed python2 as it's not needed anymore
  • Small improvements and bugs fixed.
Changelog (July 2023) : 3rd ISO

Date : July 10th, 2023

  • Updated ISO profile with latest archiso
  • Latest base with new packages
  • Fixed xfce-power-manager issue (not locking the screen on lid close)
  • Fixed sddm not saving the last used session issue
  • Added a calculator app
  • Added Welcome and Help-and-Tips App
  • Fixed Scaling issue in QT apps in wayland
  • Openbox WM
    • Added tint2 as alternate panel (in all themes)
    • Ability to switch between panels
    • Added bluetooth module on both panels
    • Added a rofi bluetooth applet
    • Fixed window resizing issue via each side of window
    • etc
    • Added bluetooth module on polybar (in all themes)
    • Added a rofi bluetooth applet
    • etc
  • I3wm
    • Added bluetooth module on polybar (in all themes)
    • Added a rofi bluetooth applet
    • etc
  • Sway, Wayfire, River, Hyprland
    • Added bluetooth module on Waybar
    • Added a rofi bluetooth applet
    • Added alacritty terminal
    • Added pywal support
    • Improved a lot of scripts
    • etc
  • Many small bugs fixed.
Changelog (May 2023) : 2nd ISO

Date : May 6th, 2023

  • Nothing Much, Just Updated The ISO with Fixed NEWM
Changelog (April 2023) : 1st ISO

Date : April 28th, 2023

  • Created the ISO base from scratch
  • Grub2 bootloader with themes
  • Customized Plymouth & SDDM
  • Basic Applications Only, No Bloatware
  • Calamares Installer (Graphical) with ability to choose WMs/WCs
  • ABIF (CLI) Installer as secondary installer
  • Full Network Manager Support, Various VPN plugins
  • Built-in Bluetooth Support
  • Pipewire For Sound/Audio (Systemwide, Bluetooth, Jack)
  • Built-in Printer Support
  • Almost All Audio, Video and Image Codecs
  • Full File manager functionality (Mounting, Networking, Archiving, etc)
  • Built-in AUR support
  • Minimal User Interface
  • All Premium Window Managers (Openbox, Bspwm and i3wm)
  • All Exclusive Wayland Compositors (Sway, Wayfire, River, Hyprland, Newm)
  • Archcraft Icons, Themes, Wallpapers, Fonts
  • Etc


Virtual Machines

This ISO works with VMs (Virtualbox, VMware, Qemu, etc). But only the Window Managers (X11) will work on it. All the Wayland Compositors will not work. If worked, They will be very laggy due to poor 3D support.


There is no official support for Nvidia. Unfortunately, their drivers are so messy, and their products so random, that it’s impossible to help if the wayland compositors on this ISO don’t work on your machine. Every card seems to be random, and might work perfectly, or not work at all. However...
The ISO have everything configured out-of-the-box, Needed to run a wayland compositor on Nvidia. It has all the needed modules enabled into mkinitcpio.conf and initrd, Kernel parameters are added, and the needed proprietary graphics drivers installed.
Now, It's your choise to give it a try.

Update : As Reported, Users are able to boot and Install the ISO on their Nvidia Machines.

More info : Sway Installation, Hyprland Nvidia, wayland Requirements, DRM_kernel_mode_setting, NVIDIA#Installation

Intel Iris XE

Some users reported that, The Wayland Compositors on this ISO does not work on systems with Intel Iris XE GPUs.

Update : I've personally tested the ISO with an Nvidia + Intel iris XE system (Dell Inspiron 5520) and the ISO is working just fine.


Click on image to view all the screenshots.





How to use Archcraft Prime?

For any help with Configurations and Keybindings, visit the respective window manager's and wayland compositor's page.

How to get the Updated ISO/Update package?

Follow the steps below to get updates (or re-download files):

  • Login to you Ko-fi account
  • Go to your Ko-fi Payments History
  • Select the purchases you've made
  • Click on View Details
  • Then, Click on View Content to download the updated files.
Will i get refund if the ISO doesn't work for me?

First of all, It's a donation model of Archcraft, Where you donate to support your favorite open-source project.

Archcraft doesn't accept donations. These exclusive stuff helps Archcraft to fullfill its financial needs. the Idea behind this is, You support Archcraft and in return you'll get a gift. A win-win for both!

All the scenarios are clearly mentioned on this page (see compatibility), about the working of this ISO. If you still choose to go with it (knowing all the details about it) and the ISO did not work for you. Please don't ask for refunds or exchange. I'll definitely help you with your issues and try to solve them as soon as possible.

I need help with this ISO?

The best places to get help quickly are Archcraft Communities. So join them and ask for help there. The links are in footer section of this wiki.

If you face any issue with this, Email me at and feel free to ask for help.

Where do i report issues?

Have you found any bug in the ISO and want to report it, Open an issue on Github