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Post Installation

After installing Archcraft, there are few things you should do...

Black Screen After Install / Liveboot#

If you get a black screen after booting the installed ISO or the live ISO, It maybe because of compositor. In that case, to solve this issue :

  • Login to a tty by pressing ctrl+alt+f2/f3...
  • Edit the ~/.config/picom.conf file and use glx as backend.
  • If that does not work, Uninstall the compositor picom-ibhagwan-git
$ sudo pacman -Rsn picom-ibhagwan-git

Update System#

Refresh package database and Update your new installation.

$ sudo pacman -Syyu

If you get invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature) error, do...

$ sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring$ sudo pacman-key --populate

Install New Softwares#

Install your favorite programs with pacman or yay (AUR).

$ sudo pacman -S gimp inkscape
# Or from AUR
$ yay -S spotify        

Fix Screen Tearing#

If you're facing screen tearing issue then :

  1. Enable GLX backend for compositor. If you're using openbox then right click on the desktop and go to Preferences > Compositor and click on Use 'glx' backend or you can edit ~/.config/picom.conf file manually.

  2. If first option does not work for you, Create a xorg.conf file like this :

# Change to xorg.conf.d dir$ cd /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d
# Create a conf file$ sudo touch 20-amdgpu.conf
# Edit the file$ sudo vim 20-amdgpu.conf
# Paste this in the editorSection "Device"     Identifier "AMD"     Driver "amdgpu"     Option "TearFree" "true"EndSection                      

This method may not work on your system and you might not be able to boot into xorg. So make sure you know how to use tty or boot into recovery mode to revert the changes you made.

Enable Suspend Service#

Enable betterlockscreen's suspend service for your user account.

# Enable betterlockscreen suspend service
$ sudo systemctl enable betterlockscreen@$USER.service                      

Fix Lock Screen Background#

Fix lock screen layout on hidpi or low resolution displays.

# Update the lockscreen wallpaper
$ betterlockscreen -u /usr/share/backgrounds/groot.jpg

Remove Unnecessary Modules From Initrd#

Let's say you've installed Archcraft (with ABIF) on a machine which has an Intel GPU. In this case you only need i915 module. Delete other modules from the array and rebuild initrd.

# Edit mkinitcpio.conf file$ sudo vim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
# Change line 7 fromMODULES=(i915? amdgpu? radeon? nouveau? vboxvideo? vmwgfx?)# ToMODULES=(i915)
# Save file and rebuild initrd$ sudo mkinitcpio -p linux                      

Well, that's pretty much everything for now, go ahead and enjoy Archcraft.