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Improve Wiki

Follow this guide if you want to add documentation in Archcraft Wiki...


  • Setup the local development environment, If you want to work locally.
  • You should have the basic understanding of the syntax of Markdown and MDX. See Docusaurus Markdown Features.
  • You, at least know how to fork, clone a repository and create a pull request.

Files and format#

The docs directory has subdirectories (to categories documentations) which contains the .md and .mdx files for each wiki post and a _category_.json file for docs category.

  • The _category_.json file is used to label and position (on sidebar) the category.
  • Here's the example of Boot Archcraft section of our wiki
docs    # Main Directory└── boot-iso                        # Doc Category   ├── _category_.json              # Category Properties   ├── boot-with-usb.mdx            # Wiki Page   └── boot-with-grub.mdx           # Another wiki page in same category

Front matter#

In front matter, You can specify the position of doc in category, etc.

---sidebar_position: 1hide_table_of_contents: true---

For more info, visit Docusaurus:Docs