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Voidcraft : Experience Archcraft on Void Linux



  • Turns your Void Linux into Archcraft
  • Fully configured openbox window manager
  • Fully configured bspwm window manager
  • Fully configured i3wm window manager NEW
  • Multiple themes/styles for both (openbox and bspwm) WMs
  • Everything else that Archcraft offers

Voidcraft is not an ISO or Void Linux based distribution.

Voidcraft is an installable package that will turn your Void Linux installation into Archcraft. Once installed on the top of Void Linux, It'll offer everything Archcraft offers on your Void Linux.

Important : Voidcraft is created on the top of Void Linux Live Base (glibc)(void-live-x86_64-20230628-base.iso) and It's recommended that you install this on a fresh installation of Void Linux.


You can download the latest package from ko-fi ☕


Follow the step below to install Voidcraft :

  • First, Install Void Linux on your computer
  • Download the voidcraft.tar.gz file from ko-fi
  • Transfer or save the file on your Void Linux installation
  • Extract the file : tar -xzvf voidcraft.tar.gz
  • Change to extracted directory : cd voidcraft
  • Run install script and let it do it's job : ./
  • Once finished, reboot your computer and you'll have Voidcraft installed.

An asciinema file voidcraft.cast is provided as well, you can play that to see how the script works before using it.


Changelog (January 2024) : Last Update

Date : January 16th, 2024

  • Added i3wm window manager
  • Migrated alacritty config to toml
  • Updated scripts related to alacritty
  • Updated polybar configs, fixed font issue and added tray modules
  • Fixed some pipemenus for openbox
  • Added better multi-monitor config in bspwm
  • Bug fixes, etc
Changelog (September 2023) : First Release

Date : September 15th, 2023

  • Released Voidcraft



Here's few screenshots of Openbox, Bspwm and i3wm desktops. These'll give you an idea of the experience of these WMs in Voidcraft.

Desktop 1Desktop 2Desktop 3Desktop 4Desktop 5Desktop 6
Desktop 7Desktop 8Desktop 9Desktop 10Desktop 11Desktop 12


There are 10 themes available in openbox.

Theme 1Theme 2Theme 3Theme 4Theme 5
Theme 6Theme 7Theme 8Theme 9Theme 10


How to use Voidcraft?

For any help with Configurations and Keybindings, visit the respective window manager's page.

Openbox : Here
Bspwm : Here
i3wm : Here

How to get the Updates?

Follow the steps below to get updates (or re-download files):

  • Login to you Ko-fi account
  • Go to your Ko-fi Payments History
  • Select the purchases you've made
  • Click on View Details
  • Then, Click on View Content to download the updated files.
I need help with Voidcraft?

The best places to get help quickly are Archcraft Communities. So join them and ask for help there. The links are in footer section of this wiki.

If you face any issue with this, Email me at and feel free to ask for help.

Where do i report issues?

Have you found any bug and want to report it, Open an issue on Github