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October 2021 Release Available

Aditya Shakya

New ISO of Archcraft is now available to download.

Many users faced issues with the September release, due to the bug in the installer. However it was not a big issue and can be fixed easily, But there are people who are completely new to Linux in general. So, this release belongs to them. This release fixes every issue on the previous release.


Bug Fix Release for v21.09

  • Fixed drivers getting removed via installer bug (backlight, external monitor issues)
  • Removed support for flatpak as it caused issue with thunar and plank (and other gtk applications)
  • Removed support for snaps (Arch community really hated it)
  • Replaced lightdm with sddm, as webkit2-greeter was causing issues on older machines
  • Improved openbox, bspwm, polybar and other stuff
  • And... I learned that I don't need to have to add everything people suggest