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September 2021 Release Available

Aditya Shakya

New ISO is now available to download.

After working hard for almost 3 months, I present you the Next Archcraft

What's new#

  • Created from scratch (for better updates and easy maintenance)
  • New base, logo, packages, repository, etc
  • Fixed blackscreen issue on some Nvidia GPUs
  • Fixed additional kernel issue with grub
  • Enabled snap and flatpak support
  • Added graphical frontend for pacman (with aur, snaps, flatpak integration)
  • Enabled chaotic aur by default
  • Enabled bluetooth services by default
  • Enabled os-prober by default
  • Enabled on-demand rehash for zsh
  • Using lightdm with webkit2-greeter as default display manager
  • Using firefox as the default web browser
  • New plymouth theme, grub themes
  • New gtk, icon, cursor themes and different wallpaper packs
  • New welcome, about, help and tips apps
  • New awesome fonts and updated nerd fonts
  • New styles and themes for openbox (15+) and bspwm (20)
  • Configurations :
    • Redesigned bspwm desktop (polybar, rofi, etc)
    • Completely new openbox config
    • Improved openbox menu, new pipemenus, different menu styles
    • Xrandr pipemenu to adjust resolution and manage multi-monitors easily
    • Picom compositor (ibhagwan fork) with dual_kawase blur and rounded corners.
    • Better screenshots with maim and screen recording with ffmpeg
    • Auto-detection of network-interface, battery, and gpu cards for polybar.
    • Included all my polybar and rofi themes
    • Typewriter style for pyroom for a pleasant writing experience
  • Command line programs :
    • vim with ultimate vimrc (nerd-tree, lightline, etc)
    • neovim with Nvchad (the ultimate nvim config)
    • ranger with icons, syntax highlighting and previews (images, videos, pdf, etc)
    • oh-my-zsh with spaceship-prompt
    • ncmpcpp with album art support