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Versão de abril de 2022 disponível

Aditya Shakya

Apenas uma atualização regular da ISO

O lançamento de abril traz algumas pequenas alterações na ISO, removeu um monte de coisas, programas, scripts etc.


  • Removed a bunch of useless packages (pamac, pcmanfm, leafpad, bmon, bashtop, neovim and a lot more)
  • Updated all packages and window managers
  • Few minor changes in Openbox
    • Updated style scripts (fixed dunst, added option for auto effects)
    • Removed quick CMDs
    • Removed extra polybars, rofi menus (launchers and powermenu)
    • Removed pipemenus for launcher, powermenu, polybar, wallpaper generator
  • Few minor changes in BSPWM
    • Using Thunar as default file manager
    • Changed terminal fonts
  • Removed network applets from all window managers
  • Fixed network menu height and password visibility in all WMs
  • Fixed messed up dunst layout in all WMs
  • Updated ABIF installer to fix user creation
  • Removed neovim (Nvchad config, as it breaks very often)
  • Using a single lockscreen for all WMs
  • Removed few scripts such as tasks, color-picker, wallpaper-generator, etc.
  • And more..., Basically cleaned up the system and removed useless stuff.