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Archcraft LXDE Released

Aditya Shakya

New Flavor (LXDE) of Archcraft is now available to download.

This flavor of Archcraft comes with LXDE. LXDE is a desktop environment with comparatively low resource requirements. This makes it especially suitable for use on older or resource-constrained personal computers such as netbooks or system on a chip computers.


  • Created the ISO base from scratch
  • Grub2 bootloader with themes
  • Customized Plymouth & LXDM
  • Full LXDE Desktop with needed tools
  • Basic Applications Only, No Bloatware
  • Calamares Installer (Graphical)
  • Full Network Manager Support, Various VPN plugins
  • Built-in Bluetooth Support
  • Pipewire For Sound/Audio (Systemwide, Bluetooth, Jack)
  • Built-in Printer Support
  • Almost All Audio, Video and Image Codecs
  • Full File manager functionality (Mounting, Networking, Archiving, etc)
  • Built-in AUR support
  • Minimal User Interface
  • Multiple Desktop Styles
  • Archcraft Icons, Themes, Wallpapers, Fonts
  • Etc