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mod+ReturnOpens a terminal (alacritty)
mod+shift+ReturnOpens a terminal in floating mode
alt+F1/modOpens app launcher
mod+nOpens network menu
mod+xOpens a powermenu
alt+ctrl+mOpens the music menu
alt+ctrl+sOpens screenshoting menu
alt+ctrl+rRuns apps as root
alt+ctrl+wOpens the windows menu
mod+shift+fOpens file manager (thunar)
mod+shift+wOpens a web browser (firefox)
mod+shift+eOpens a text editor GUI (geany)
alt+ctrl+lLaunches the berry lockscreen
PrintTakes a screenshot
alt+PrintTakes a screenshot (5s delay)
Shift+PrintTakes a screenshot (10s delay)
ctrl+PrintTakes a screenshot of active window
ctrl+alt+PrintTakes a screenshot of an area
mod+EscapeSpawn xkill
mod+cKill an App
mod+qRestart Xmonad
mod+ctrl+gToggle Gaps
mod+shift+gReset Gaps
mod+ctrl+tIncrease Gap by 10 (Left)
mod+shift+tDecrease Gap by 10 (Left)
mod+ctrl+yIncrease Gap by 10 (Top)
mod+shift+yDecrease Gap by 10 (Top)
mod+ctrl+uIncrease Gap by 10 (Bottom)
mod+shift+uDecrease Gap by 10 (Bottom)
mod+ctrl+iIncrease Gap by 10 (Right)
mod+shift+iDecrease Gap by 10 (Right)
mod+rReset window to the correct size
mod+mSwitch focus to master window
mod+sSwap the focus window and the master window
mod+tPush window to tiling
mod+spaceCycle layouts
mod+shift+spaceReset layout to default
mod+TabCycle windows
mod+j/mod+LeftMove focus to the next window
mod+k/mod+RightMove focus to the previous window
mod+shift+j/mod+shift+LeftSwap focus to the next window
mod+shift+k/mod+shift+RightMove focus to the previous window
mod+h/mod+ctrl+LeftShrink window
mod+l/mod+ctrl+RightExpand window
mod+,Increase number of windows
mod+.Decrease number of windows
mod+{1-9}Switch to another workspace
mod+Shift+{1-9}Send focused window to another workspace
mod+{y,u,i}Switch to physical/Xinerama screens
mod+shift+{y,u,i}Move client to screen
mod+mouse1Drag floating window
mod+mouse2Raise the window
mod+mouse3Resize floating window

To install the archcraft xmonad theme , just run yay -Syyu archcraft-xmonad

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