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Note: the mod Key in Archcraft Openbox is the Super Key (Aka: Windows key)

mod+ReturnOpen a terminal (alacritty)
mod+fOpen a file manager (thunar)
mod+wOpen a browser (firefox)
mod+eOpen a text editor (geany)
mod+(1-5)Change Workspaces
mod+Shift+(1-5)Move application to a specific Workspace
alt/mod+TabSwitch applications (Microsoft windows style)
mod+(Up/Down/Left/Right)Snap window to corners
mod+kSnap window to top right
mod+hSnap window to top left
mod+jSnap window to bottom left
mod+lSnap window to bottom right
mod+alt+upMove Window up
mod+alt+downMove Window down
mod+alt+leftMove Window left
mod+alt+rightMove Window right
control+alt+rightResize window to right
control+alt+leftResize window to left
control+alt+downResize window to down
control+alt+upResize window to up
mod+Shift+Left/RightSend Application to next/prev desktop
up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+B+AGet super powers
alt+F1Opens app launcher
mod+nOpens network menu
mod+xOpens a powermenu
mod+mOpens the music menu
mod+iOpens internet menu
mod+sOpens screenshoting menu
mod+rRuns apps as root
mod+wOpens windows menu
mod+pOpens the color picker
PrintTakes a screenshot
mod+PrintTakes a screenshot (5s delay)
Shift+PrintTakes a screenshot (10s delay)
Control+PrintTakes a screenshot of active window
Control+Alt+PrintTakes a screenshot of an area
mod+vOpen tasks menu
Control+Alt+tOpen xfce4-terminal
Control+Alt+vOpen vim
Control+Alt+nOpen neovim
Control+Alt+rOpen ranger
Control+Alt+hOpen htop
Control+Alt+bOpen bashtop
alt+Control+lLaunches the lockscreen
control+shift+EscapeExit openbox
control+Shift+BackSpaceRestart openbox
control+shift+RReconfigure openbox
mod+EscapeSelect window and kill it (xkill)
mod+c/qClose focused window
alt+F5Minimise window to taskbar
alt+F6Toggle Maximize
mod+dShow desktop
alt+rResize window
alt+mMove window
mod+SpaceShow root menu
control+alt+spaceShow app menu
alt+spaceShow client Menu

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