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Note: the mod Key in Archcraft i3wm is the Super Key (Aka: Windows key)

mod+ReturnOpens a terminal (alacritty)
mod+tOpens a terminal in fullscreen mode
mod+Shift+ReturnOpens a terminal in floating mode
mod+Shift+fOpens file manager (thunar)
mod+Shift+eOpens a text editor GUI (geany)
mod+Shift+wOpens a web browser (firefox)
alt+Control+vOpens a TUI text editor (vim)
alt+Control+nOpens a TUI text editor (NEOvim)
alt+Control+rOpens a TUI file manager (ranger)
alt+Control+hOpens a TUI system ressources monitor (HTOP)
alt+Control+bOpens a TUI system ressources monitor (Bashtop)
alt+F1Opens app launcher
mod+nOpens network menu
mod+xOpens a powermenu
mod+mOpens the music menu
mod+iOpens internet menu
mod+sOpens screenshoting menu
mod+rRuns apps as root
mod+wOpens windows menu
PrintTakes a screenshot
mod+PrintTakes a screenshot (5s delay)
Shift+PrintTakes a screenshot (10s delay)
Control+PrintTakes a screenshot of active window
mod+Control+PrintTakes a screenshot of an area
alt+Control+lLaunches the i3lock lockscreen
mod+qKills focused window
mod+cKills focused window
mod+j/k/l/semicolonChanges focus
mod+Left/Down/Up/RightChanges focus
mod+Shift+j/k/l/semicolonMoves focused window
mod+Shift+Left/Down/Up/RightMoves focused window
mod+hSplit in horizontal orientation
mod+vSplit in vertical orientation
mod+fEnters fullscreen mode for focused container
mod+Shift+zChange container layout (stacking)
mod+Shift+xChange container layout (tabbed)
mod+Shift+cChange container layout (toggle split)
mod+SpaceToggle floating/tiling
mod+Shift+SpaceChange focus between tiling / floating windows
mod+Focus the parent container
mod+dFocus the child container
mod+1-2....9-0Switch to workspace
mod++Shift+1-2....9-0Move focused container to workspace
Control+Shift+cReloads the config file
Control+Shift+rRestarts i3 inplace
Control+Shift+qQuit i3 session

To install the archcraft i3wm theme , just run yay -Syyu archcraft-i3wm