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Note: the mod Key in Archcraft Dwm is the Super Key (Aka: Windows key)

mod+ReturnOpens a terminal (st)
mod+Shift+ReturnOpens a terminal in floating mode
mod+Control+ReturnOpen a terminal (alacritty)
mod+Shift+fOpens file manager (thunar)
mod+Shift+eOpens a text editor GUI (geany)
mod+Shift+wOpens a web browser (firefox)
alt+F1Opens app launcher
mod+nOpens network menu
mod+xOpens a powermenu
mod+mOpens the music menu
mod+iOpens internet menu
mod+sOpens screenshoting menu
mod+rRuns apps as root
mod+wOpens windows menu
PrintTakes a screenshot
mod+PrintTakes a screenshot (5s delay)
Shift+PrintTakes a screenshot (10s delay)
Control+PrintTakes a screenshot of active window
mod+Control+PrintTakes a screenshot of an area
alt+Control+lLaunches the lockscreen
mod+pOpens the color picker
mod+Control+qQuit dwm
mod+Shift+rReload dwm
mod+Shift+equalIncrease Border size
mod+Shift+minusDecrease Border size
mod+Shift+BackSpaceReset borders
mod+Shift+BracketLeftIncrease gaps
mod+Shift+BracketRightDecrease gaps
mod+Shift+backslahReset gaps
mod+Shift+gToggle gaps
mod+Shift+iIncrease inner gaps
mod+Control+Shift+iDecrease inner gaps
mod+Shift+oIncrease inner gaps
mod+Control+Shift+oDecrease inner gaps
mod+cMurder a window
mod+escapeMurder but with xkill
mod+j/k(Or Left right arrow)Cycle focus (back and forth
mod+shift+j/k(or left right arrow)Switch master and slave
mod+iIncrease number of master windows
mod+uDecrease number of master windows
mod+h(or Control+Left)Shrink to the left
mod+l(or Control+Right)Shrink to the right
mod+bToggle the bar
mod+TabSwitch to master
alt+TabSwitch to last tag
mod+dHide window (send it to the shadow realms)
mod+Shift+dRestore window (get it back from the shadow realms)
mod+0Reset the UI
mod+Shift+0Reset the tag layout
Alt+Control+SpaceOpen the layout menu
Mod+Control+comma/periodCycle through the layouts
mod+Shift+SpaceToggle floating mode
mod+fToggle fullscreen
mod+spaceEnable tabbed layout
mod+tEnable tiled layout
mod+gEnable grid layout
mod+Shift+mEnable Monocle layout
mod+Shift+sEnable Spiral layout
mod+Shift+tEnable Stack layout
mod+Shift+cEnable Centered Master layout
mod+Shift+xEnable Tatami layout

To install archcraft-dwm just run the following command sudo pacman -S archcraft-dwm

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