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How to create my own themes in openbox and bspwm?

· One min read
Aditya Shakya

Creating your own themes is super easy now. In this short guide, I'll make a new theme for openbox. The same steps will also be applied to create a new theme in bspwm. Follow the steps below:

  • Open file manager and go to ~/.config/openbox-themes/themes. For bspwm, go to ~/.config/bspwm/themes
  • Now, Copy an existing theme and give it a name. eg: copy default to mytheme
  • At this point, You have got a new theme and you can see it in Preferences > Change Style
  • Now, Change to mytheme directory and start working on your theme.
  • Put the wallpaper you want to use for the theme. Make sure the name of the file should be wallpaper
  • Edit theme.bash file to change: Colors, Fonts, Icons, GTK & Openbox Theme and basically everything.
  • Go to polybar directory and change it's appearance, position, size, etc.
  • Go to rofi directory and change it's layout, size, position, etc.
  • Use your own creativity.
  • And... That's it, You have your own theme!